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Continuing education (WAB)

Passed your driving test? Congratulations! From now on you can drive alone. But don't forget that you are solely responsible for your driving style and everything you do in the car and on the road.

No matter how great your joy is right now, your training is not yet over once you have passed your driving test. There is still mandatory further training to be completed. As soon as you have attended the WAB (Further Training) course and have not committed anything during the probationary period, you will receive your permanent driving license at the end of this three-year probationary period.

WAB (further training)

  • Mandatory for new drivers with a temporary driving license on probation (probationary period 3 years)
  • You have to take the WAB course in the first year after passing your driving test
  • It lasts a day
  • There is no exam. Just go and join in.

You can attend the WAB course at wabgmbh in Basel on the Dreispitz or of course at any other provider of your choice. The advantage of wabgmbh is that they provide you with a car for the course (so you don't need to bring your own) and if you want to travel with your own car, they will provide you with a parking space for the day free of charge.

You can register right here via the website or using the QR code opposite. (driver's license (ticket) number is number 5 on your driver's license)

You can get more information here in the video and from me.


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Would you like to take driving lessons with me or do you still have any questions?
Then call me or write to me. +41 77 490 28 58

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