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Here you will find important information about vehicle lighting.

The light dial is located to the left of the steering wheel. To set the parking lights, turn off the engine and then turn the indicator to the appropriate side. Please do not leave the lights on for an unnecessarily long time when the vehicle is parked, as this will drain the battery.


Daytime running lights (automatic light)

As soon as you start the engine, your car must be illuminated with at least daytime running lights. This means that the light at the front of the car must be on.

In your driving school car, the daytime running lights turn on automatically as soon as you start the engine.


Low beams

If the weather or lighting conditions are poor, you are driving through a tunnel or driving at dusk or at night, you must drive with low beam. This illuminates the road from a distance of approx. 50 meters (75 meters on the right side of the road). The low beam illuminates your driving school vehicle from the front and rear and therefore offers more safety because you can also be recognized better and faster from behind. (front low beam, rear taillights) If you drive with automatic lights, the car automatically switches from daytime running lights to low beam, depending on the ambient brightness.

Cornering light

As soon as the automatic lights or you switch to the low beam, an additional light illuminates the curve better when cornering (turning, etc.). This means your road is illuminated “around the corner”. The driving school car controls this completely independently.

High beam (headlight)

If you drive cross-country at night, you can turn on the high beam. It illuminates the street very clearly for about 100 meters. Since it dazzles oncoming drivers, you must turn it off immediately if someone comes towards you. (This also includes vehicles in the opposite lane on the highway, as well as pedestrians and cyclists) If you use the automatic lighting system, it also regulates the high beam independently. Your driving school vehicle is equipped with “glare-free high beams”. This means that the automatic lighting system automatically adjusts the high beam so that no oncoming vehicle drivers are blinded.

Note: The high beam is the only control light in the instrument cluster that has a blue symbol. A popular exam question.


The taillights are glare-free and illuminate your vehicle from behind. This means you will be seen faster and better by drivers approaching from behind. It turns on automatically together with the low beam.

Brake lights

The brake lights come on as soon as you step on the brakes. It lights up brightly and warns drivers approaching from behind that you are slowing down or stopping. They don't light up if you just apply the parking brake (handbrake)

Reversing light

As soon as you put the car in reverse, this white light lights up. It shows the driver approaching from behind that you are reversing. In the dark, it easily illuminates the road behind you.

Fog taillight

If visibility is severely restricted, you can use the rear fog light. For example, in dense fog, you will be better seen by the driver approaching from behind. It is very bright and can blind the drivers behind. Therefore, you can only use it when visibility is severely restricted.

License plate lighting

The rear license plate must be easy to read from a distance of 20 meters in the dark. That's why the rear license plate is illuminated with two small lights.

Hazard lights

You can use the hazard warning lights if you have a breakdown and your vehicle is parked on the road in a traffic-contrary manner, or to warn drivers approaching from behind of a danger. E.g. at the end of a traffic jam in a curve, etc. All six indicators around the driving school vehicle then flash, as well as the direction indicators in the instrument cluster at the same time.


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