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Indicator lights in the instrument cluster, what you should consider when choosing shoes and why the cover in the trunk is not there for the bobblehead or as a parcel shelf. You can find answers to these here.


Just somehow throw everything in the trunk? Please don't. Loose objects lying around can roll around in the vehicle, slide or become projectiles. They can distract you as a driver, injure you or, depending on the situation, get under the pedals and make braking impossible. It is therefore best to transport items in the trunk in a lockable box or similar. Place them as low in the trunk as possible (center of gravity) and close to the back seat back. Be sure to use the cover in the trunk. For example: It helps to prevent objects from getting into the passenger compartment in the event of a collision from behind.


As strange as it may sound, you can only operate your car safely with the right shoes. Therefore, please wear good shoes when driving. The shoe should provide your foot with good support so that you don't slip off the pedals. Your foot can slip out of sandals or flip flops, or you can get caught between the pedals with your shoe, etc. Heeled shoes are also not ideal, as your foot position and the area of the sole of your foot with which you operate the pedals are severely restricted.

Circulating air in the tunnel

In the tunnel, you can prevent the stuffy air from getting into the vehicle interior from the inside of the tunnel by switching to recirculated air (fresh air supply from outside). To do this, press the buttons as shown in the video. Please remember that even if you turn on the recirculated air, the vehicle is still not airtight. Air still gets in from outside, just a lot less. Don't forget to switch off the circulating air when you leave the tunnel.

Instrument cluster indicator lights

Please, please don't memorize them all. It's enough if you can say, for example, that it will show you when you have the high beam (blue symbol) on, the battery, the parking brake (handbrake), whether you and your passengers are wearing seat belts, etc. If the expert tells you explicitly If you ask for a symbol and you don't know it, you can look it up in the operating instructions (glove compartment, transparent folder). And yes, your driving school vehicle is equipped with ABS. The indicator light lights up briefly when you start the engine.

Adaptive cruise control (cruise control), automatic high beam, automatic start-stop system on or not available, blind spot monitoring system indicator light, cruise control (on/off), turn signals, door open, rear fog light, hazard warning light, high beam (headlight), lighting indicator light, lane departure warning, switching recommendation, Airbag warning light, warning light - ABS (anti-lock braking system), battery warning light, electric parking brake (handbrake) warning light, coolant temperature warning light, engine warning light, powertrain warning light, seat belt warning light, open hood warning light, lane departure warning light, tailgate open warning light, low beam warning light, fuel reserve warning light, tire pressure warning light, stability control warning light and Traction control off, water in fuel warning light.


Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hazard lights

You can adjust all of this and more via the touch-sensitive screen.

Please keep the windows closed when using the air conditioning. It's of no use if the windows are open.


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