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Driving lessons

Learner's license in your pocket and ready to hit the road? Very good. Then now is the moment when the two of us start your driving training on the road. If you don't have any experience yet, we'll start off somewhere remote so that you can make your first attempts at driving without stress. Your driving school car is a automatic. It is highly recommended to start on an automatic machine as it makes driving much easier for you. But if you really want to learn to drive a car with a manual transmission, we can do that together too. Many people first learn to drive on an automatic transmission and then, after the practical test, take a few more driving lessons with the manual transmission. This option is more pleasant for you and also more cost-effective. Please don't forget that every person is unique. That's why I adapt your driving training individually to you, your needs and previous knowledge. Therefore, please do not compare yourself and your skills with your friends or with their number of driving lessons. Everyone learns at their own pace.

If you have the opportunity to drive with a companion, then do so. You can practice what you learned with me with your companion and thus gain more routine and security. Please note, however, that as a learner driver you must always be accompanied. So no learning trips alone, not even very short ones or somewhere remote. 

Please note the following points if you carry out learning trips with a private companion.

  • She must be at least 23 years old
  • Be in possession of your driving license for at least 3 years and no longer on probation
  • She and you must not have drunk any alcohol
  • Always take your driving license and vehicle documents with you
  • Attach the “L” to the back of your car
  • Handbrake -> Read the information sheet here (only on german)

Driving test

As soon as your driving training is completed, I will register you for the driving test. You can choose the day and time yourself based on the MFP's available dates. (Motor vehicle testing station) On your exam day, I will pick you up about 30 minutes before your exam time. This way you can get some training before you start. We will then drive together to MFP Münchenstein, where you have to report to the counter and pay for your driving test. We then wait outside by the driving school car for the expert. He will take your learner's license and start the driving test with you. He will ask you about three to five questions about the vehicle. (Vehicle knowledge) You will then complete the test drive with him. You will find out immediately after you get out of the vehicle back at the MFP Münchenstein whether you have passed or not. If you have passed it, the expert will sign your learner's permit. From now on you can drive alone in Switzerland with your learner's permit. You will receive your probationary driving license within 10 days.

The total cost of the driving test is CHF 350.

If you do not pass the driving test, the expert will immediately show you which traffic situations you have not mastered and how your driving needs to be improved in order to pass the driving test next time. You will then receive your learner's license back from the expert.

After the driving test, I will drive you home or to the theory center in Therwil / Basel.

Take with you to the exam date:

  • Learner's permit
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Driving license of other categories
  • Vehicle registration document (located in the glove compartment)


Du möchtest Fahrstunden bei mir nehmen oder hast noch offene Fragen?
Dann ruf mich an oder schreib mir. +41 77 490 28 58

Would you like to take driving lessons with me or do you still have any questions?
Then call me or write to me. +41 77 490 28 58

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