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Here you will find information on any exam questions relating to the topic of refueling. This includes, among other things, which side the fuel cap is on, what fuel and how it works.

Which side?

You can see the fuel level display in the instrument cluster. There is a symbol of a gas pump with a triangle here. This triangle shows you which side of the vehicle the fuel cap is on.

On the driving school vehicle, the fuel cap is on the left side of the vehicle.

Which fuel?

The tank cap and the operating instructions indicate which fuel you need to fill with. Here lead-free 95.

You can also fill up with unleaded 98. Apart from higher costs for petrol, this does not bring you any advantages with your driving school vehicle. What you should definitely avoid is pouring diesel into a petrol engine or vice versa. If this happens to you anyway, please do not start the engine. The wrong fuel causes engine damage. In this case, please call your car repair shop.


Start the refueling process

Drive to the gas pump so that the various gas pump handles are to your left. The fuel cap is on the left side of the driving school vehicle. Now open the tank cap by pressing lightly against it. Next, take the green handle out of the holder. (Written with lead-free 95) Please make sure that you only touch it by the black rubber handle and do not press the metal lever yet. Next, insert the tank nozzle into the tank neck. Once it's in you can pull the narrow black metal lever. The refueling process starts.

Please do not smoke or use the phone while refueling.

End the refueling process

As soon as the tank is full, the refueling process stops automatically. (Audible and felt in the hand) Release the metal lever and pull the tank nozzle out again. You can knock off any drops of gasoline on the fuel filler neck. Put the handle back into the holder and then close the tank cap by gently pressing the tank cap closed. Remember the gas pump number and go pay.


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