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What information can you find in the vehicle registration document, where is the operating manual and how do you set the parking disc correctly? Here you will find the answers.

Vehicle ID card interior pages

In the vehicle ID card you will find information about the owner, insurance, cantonal information, license plate, specific use, type of vehicle, brand and type, chassis number, body, color, seats, master number, type approval, engine capacity, power, teaching weight, 1 .Placement into service, payload/trailer load, total weight, train weight, trailer load, roof load, emission code, tests.

The vehicle ID card is in the transparent folder in the glove compartment.

Vehicle ID card exterior

On the back you will find information about customs regulations and how long, for example. You have time to report your change of address. (14 days)

Loss of driver's license/vehicle license

You must report the loss in writing to your local motor vehicle inspectorate as soon as possible. Telephone is not enough.

Operation manual

You should have the operating instructions with you in the vehicle. If you should ever stop, have too little air in your tires or a warning light lights up in the instrument cluster, you can find help or answers to all sorts of vehicle-related topics here. Since Ford no longer delivers a complete operating manual with the vehicle, you will find a slimmed down version of it with the most important information in the transparent folder in the glove compartment. Ford makes the owner's manual available online. More and more car manufacturers are doing this. So just google it.


Documents & vehicle registration

You must have the following documents with you on the journey: your learner's permit or driver's license, vehicle registration document and emissions document. You no longer need the emissions document if your vehicle has an on-board diagnostic system (OBD) and the emissions code B04/B03 is entered in the vehicle registration document. Both are available in your driving school vehicle, so you no longer need an emissions document. You can obtain the emissions document for older vehicles in your garage.


Source: Signalisationsverordnung Anhang 3 (SSV Art. 48a)
The parking disc is in the glove compartment


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