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  • Windows & Mirrors

Windows & Mirrors

Exam questions on the subject of windows, mirrors and theft are answered here.

Interior mirror

As the driver, you are responsible for the correct adjustment of the interior mirror and the two exterior mirrors. Please set it correctly before driving. This is the only way they can help you recognize the traffic partners around you.

You can adjust the interior mirror by turning it with both hands so that you can see the entire rear window. Please remember to first adjust the correct sitting position and then adjust the mirrors to suit you. Objects attached to the interior mirror obstruct your view and distract you from traffic. So please avoid it.

The interior mirror in the driving school vehicle is glare-free. So you won't be blinded by vehicles approaching from behind. There is a sensor in the interior mirror itself (top center) that does this for you.


Outside mirrors & theft

You can easily adjust the exterior mirrors using the rotary knob on the inside of the driver's door.

The mirrors and windows must always be clean, as this is the only way to ensure that you have a clear view at all times. You can clean the exterior mirrors and windows with normal water or use a non-aggressive window cleaner. And don't forget, as with everything else, you as the driver are responsible for keeping the windows and mirrors clean.

Press the button at the top right of the rotary knob to lock the vehicle from the inside. You must lock it when you leave the vehicle. (Theft) To do this, press the corresponding button on the radio key or stroke the knobbed surface on the door handle.

Windshield wipers

You should check the windshield wipers regularly for damage. Broken or dirty windshield wipers smear and hinder your vision. Please do not use it when the windshield is dry or frozen. This could damage them. You can simply clean the windshield wiper blades with damp household paper or something similar. The washer nozzles must be adjusted so that the windshield wiper fluid covers the entire windshield.


Windshield wiper lever

You can use the lever on the right of the steering wheel to adjust the windshield wiper as needed.

Lever horizontal: windshield wiper is deactivated.

Press the lever down: the windshield wiper wipes exactly once.

Lever one position up: automatic. A sensor measures the intensity of the rain and automatically activates the windshield wiper as needed.

Lever two positions up: windshield wiper wipes at a leisurely pace.

Lever three positions up: windshield wiper wipes at a rapid pace.

Rear window wiper toggle switch

Toggle switch at the end of the lever:

Bottom position: Rear window wiper is deactivated

Center position: automatic rear window wiper

Position above: Rear window wiper wipes at a leisurely pace.

Open and close windows

You can open and close all windows using the buttons on the inside of the driver's door. To open it, press the button for the corresponding window until the window is open as wide as you want. To close, pull up the corresponding button until the window is at the desired height or is completely closed.Automatic lowering and closing: If you just press the button briefly, the window opens completely. If you just pull the button briefly, the window will close completely

Open and close the panoramic roof/sun protection

To open/close completely, briefly press the toggle switch once. Otherwise, keep pressing until it is as wide open/closed as you want.



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