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Vehicle knowledge

Here you will find an overview of the topics of possible exam questions. Simply click on the topic of your choice and view the photos and videos.

You can download the official questions here (only german) directly from the website of the motor vehicle testing station in Basel.

Engine compartment

There's a lot under the hood. We take a quick look at the most important things for you as a vehicle driver.


What is the difference between daytime running lights and dimmed headlights? You can find out this and much more here.


How do I recognize a winter tire and what is the minimum tread depth? You can get answers to that here.


Here you can find out how and what you need to fill up with.

Child seat / child safety

When does a child need a child seat and how do you activate the child safety lock?

Roof load

Luggage on the panoramic roof? Here you can find out whether yes or no.

Mandatory equipment

What do you need to have with you in the vehicle?


Vehicle registration document, operating instructions and what else you can see here.

Short version

Short and concise vehicle knowledge.

Windows & Mirrors

Why do your windows and mirrors have to be clean and how do you adjust the rear window wiper? Answers to that can be found here.

Neck supports & seat belts

Can you remove the neck supports? Well, what do you think?


Information about the load, air conditioning and why heels or flip flops are not necessarily the best choice for driving.


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